I was born in the mediterranean coast of Barcelona and have lived in Europe, Latin America and over the last decade I have called Australia home. I also have captured stories in all these places, and today I am a filmmaker, content producer and storytelling trainer. I have spent 15+ years finding, producing and delivering stories for the screen, working as a researcher, editor and director.

I am interested in intimate stories that deepen understanding of the human condition, untangling the untold and exploring the relationship between storytelling and identity. My practice is not so much defined by the type of film I make, but by the way I approach each scenario.  I like to create the space for personal stories to blossom into macro themes. I am committed to growing trust-based relationships with my characters so genuine access can occur.  

My first feature documentary Singled [Out] (Spain/Turkey, 70 min), exploring the stigma of being a single woman, was released in 2017 and screened in festivals worldwide. I am currently working on my second feature, L’hora de les tortugues (Turtle Time), a first-person film partially built with found footage, which is in advanced development.

Other works include the short documentary Las voces pequeñas, shot in Guatemala, and the multi award winning medium length documentary Distancias, shot in Cuba. 

In addition to my film practice, I work as a creative consultant for The University of Melbourne and I teach video storytelling inside and outside the University.  When asked I also help other organisations to identify and reach their audiences through authentic video storytelling. I am also the co-founder of the Barcelona based creative production company Suricata Stories