Documentary feature. Spain/Turkey 2017. 70’/ 54’    Format: 1.85

Featuring: Jules Gibson, Yan Ge, Yang Shu, Manuela Ripollés, Melek M. Küçukuzun. With the participation of: Eva Cox (sociologist), Eva Illouz (sociologist), Li Yinhe (sociologist and sexologist), Albert Esteve (demographer), Leta Hong Fincher (sociologist) and Hulya Gulbahar (lawyer and activist).

SINGLED [OUT] tells the story of five educated women in four corners of the world: Jules in Melbourne, Manu in Barcelona, Shu and Yang in Shanghai, and Melek in Istambul -they all travel solo in a world where pairing up is the norm. Together with the voices of some well-known experts in the areas of sociology, law and demography, the film unveils modern love in the era of choice, and is a journey to the heart of being a single woman today.

Release: October 2017, 62th SEMINCI, SPAIN

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Original version:
English, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Chinese
Written and directed by:
Mariona Guiu, Ariadna Relea
Produced by: Suricata Stories
Executive producers: Ariadna Relea, Mariona Guiu, Belén Sánchez
Co-producers: Derya Terim, Gülen Güler
In co-production with: Televisió de Catalunya, Lacivert Film Production Ltd
Associate producer: Un capricho de producciones
With the support of Eurimages and ICEC

Cinematography: Ariadna Relea, in color
Original music: Tolo Prats
Editing: Ariadna Relea
Additional editing: Núria Campabadal
Sound Engineer: Murat Acikalin
Unit director in Turkey: Güliz Saglam
Sound design: Miquell Llinàs for Sonoteque
Color grading: Aaron Pedraza for Antaviana Films
Graphics: Anna Aragonès for Antaviana Films
International sales: Rise and Shine
Crowdfunding Campaign: Lara McKinley (Australia), Ana Castañosa (Spain)
Art and poster: Coqué Azcona
Graphic design: Pere Relea, Adriana Perón, Robin Van Der Berg
Website: Yvonne Fuertes