Medium length documentary. Australia, 2018

Marking the 50th anniversary of the University of Melbourne Medical School building, “It started in the Sunderland” is a documentary celebrating the people who have worked and studied within its walls over the last half century. Screened at the inaugural Reunion Weekend for the Melbourne Medical School in late 2018, the film served to reconnect alumni with this important building—a place of great memories, friendships, and learnings in the formative years of young adulthood.

Presented by Rob Sitch and featuring stories from:

Ian Anderson
Alan Chong
Andrew Chong
Elizabeth Chong
Tess Chee
Tanya Davies
Paige Dissanayake
Maria Dudycz
Elif Ekinci
Jade Goodge
Leanne Grills
Richard Grills
Jenny Hayes
Richard Larkins
Aidan Martinelli
Rob Moodie
Terry Mulhern
Jeff Robinson
Lynda Robinson
Shyrla Werdiger

Director: Mariona Guiu
Producer: Sandra Macriyiannis
Executive producers: Elissa Gale & Kirsty Hooper
Cinematography: Filip Milovac, Sascha White, Jamie Morris, Joaquim Bel Pellicer
Additional camera: Leigh Tilson, Mark Richardson, Auryn Rotten
Drone Sascha White

Editing Mariona Guiu
Assistant editor Katherine Hayhoe
Additional editing Auryn Rotten
Sound recording Jeremy Shaw
Voice over recording Gavin Nebauer
Sound mix Neil McGrath
Colour mix Joaquim Bel Pellicer
Motion graphics Clem
Script consultant Eamon Evans
Research Anna Dunn, Cecilia Dowling, Sandra Macriyiannis
Aria choir Michael Kamm, John McCorkell, Christine Rodda, Jillian Spargo, Elsdon Storey, Shyrla Werdiger, Simon Woods
Choir coordinator
Cecilia Dowling
Aria musical arrangement
Konrad Olszewski